Repair Services

Old Paths Equipment offers repair, rebuilding, and restoration for any antique machine.  At the level of the original manufacturer’s quality work, we will keep your working machine going, and get your future show stoppers running.

If you take your antique tractor or vintage lawnmower into a traditional service shop, most managers will tell you that your machine is “too old” for their mechanics to repair.  That’s something you’ll never hear at Old Paths Equipment.

We believe that no modern machinery comes close to the quality of vintage equipment.  Your Grandpa’s Farmall H and your Dad’s John Deere 110 may be “antiques” but with proper service and quality repair, they will still be hardworking machines, and your grandkid’s treasures.

Whether it’s a simple repair or a full restoration, Old Paths Equipment offers critical experience and efficient service to keep your treasured machines running.

The Old Paths Difference

If a traditional service shop chooses to look at your vintage equipment they will quote you a high labor charge and high parts prices, just because it is antique.  At Old Paths Equipment, we charge flat rates for nearly all of our services, with an industry rock bottom on any labor.  Our parts are OEM or come from the best quality suppliers that make them equivalent to the original part.

Repair, Rebuild, or Restore

Old Paths offers repairs for your vintage equipment.  Whether we come to you or you come to us, we can get you back in running shape.  No matter what system is infected, we are ready to help you clean out the problems that keep your machine down.

Maximizing efficiency and quality is only accomplished by a rebuild of your equipment’s systems. Whether it’s a part of a restoration, or a way to keep your tractor performing the chores, Old Paths offers rebuilds of common and uncommon systems to allow your machine to act like it did when it rolled off the dealer’s lot years ago.

Restorations allow your hardworking equipment to not only run like it did when it rolled off the lot, but look like it did.  Old Paths is willing to work with you to make a show worthy beauty out of the machine lying in your barn.  We tailor the restoration to your desires and budget, and in the end you have a machine that is ready to be the star of the parade!

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Antique Small Engine Repair Service

Old Paths Equipment is proud to be one of the few shops offering antique small engine repair.  We have the “know-how” to get your air cooled engine running like a champ.  With our extensive collection of OEM dealer manuals and tools, as well as backing from some of the best machine shops in the country, and parts on the shelf or one day away for 90% of common models, your engine is in good hands.


Magneto Rebuild Service

As a part of our small engine repair shop, we branched out into magneto repair after receiving repeated requests to solve issues with magnetos found on machines from Wisconsin engines to Caterpillar crawlers.  We now are looking forward to coaxing fire out of your stubborn ol’ magneto, checking it completely and stripping it down to the case before reassembling to factory standards.  Currently we have in stock nearly any part commonly required for all the major magnetos found on our antique machines.  We have a Graham Lee coil tester for stress testing coils as well as an engine mock up to test the magneto at all RPMs.  In addition to our rotary magneto services, we also repair flywheel magnetos produced by Phelon and Wico.


Service Request

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