About Us

Old Paths Equipment is nestled in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  We offer quality services, parts, and sales for your classic equipment.  Our goal is to provide affordable parts and services to keep your treasured antique machinery running strong for another fifty years.  Whether it is a hard working chore tractor, or a shiny parade garden tractor, Old Paths Equipment is ready to help you keep your equipment running strong.

We bind integrity and quality into every transaction and interaction with our valued customers.  We want to bring you back with a rush of nostalgia to the nearly lost days of courtesy and professionalism, just like it was at the dealership when your equipment was new.

We aren’t your average parts room. Contrary to normal parts counters, we welcome a challenge to track down an elusive part. In fact, nothing is more fulfilling than passing to you the part you thought you’d never find, and hearing how it made your tractor run like new!
We aren’t your average shop. Not only do we repair and rebuilt primarily antique equipment, but we commonly use vintage tools from 1940’s. We bring passion and love for the equipment, as well as the knowledge of the technology that made the machinery last.
We aren’t your average sales office. It isn’t often that shiny old tractors outnumber shiny new tractors at a dealership. It’s even more unusual to see no new tractors at a dealership! We love our equipment, and each sales unit has a unique story to tell.

Antique Quality, Modern Dependability

We say that it is hard to find a modern company that makes equipment to the same long lasting quality standards like they used to make them.  Although a new compact tractor has the conveniences of a contemporary car, if you take a walk behind the service shop at the dealership you will see the like-new tractors with low hours already in for service.

It might seem that old equipment just isn’t dependable.  However, with proper rebuilds and maintenance, the vintage workhorses are still ready to tackle your jobs, and they bring long lasting quality that will rival any modern tractor.

Old Paths Equipment has just released a new website! If you encounter any problems please call 540-448-7022!