1940’s F.H. Hollar Cultivator

F. H. Hollar one wheel cultivators were built in Singers Glen, Virginia, for only a few years in the 1940’s through 1955.   Each unit was handmade by the Hollar family, with welded steel construction and a chain drive.  Power was engaged to the drive by sliding the engine to tighten the belt.

This Hollar is in complete shape, although two angle iron lugs on the drive need to be rewelded.  It has not run in years.  Everything is there to make a rare display at your local show, or even to still put to work in your garden with its three cultivator shoes.

The engine is a Briggs W or WM.  It is not running, but complete.

This unit is for sale for now “as is” until I get a chance to make it run.  Contact me today if you are interested!